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Corporate Chair Massage

Reduce Job Stress, Elevate Performance & Boost Workplace Productivity.

Corporate Wellness Massage

In 2015, the CDC reported employers lost $225.8 billion annually due to employees calling out. Employers face many challenges when a higher volume of workers call in sick too often.


Your employees could be calling out because:

  • They are overworked without adequate breaks and days Off

  • They have low job satisfaction

  • They are facing hostile work environments

  • They have untreated mental illnesses

  • They are facing burnout, stress, and low morale

Prestige Spa & Wellness offers a corporate on-site massage program to provide your employees stress management in the workplace. This provides happier, healthier, and more productive employees.

Chair massage is not just a perk. It is a way to increase productivity and morale while decreasing absent employees; it is also a great addition for a company wellness program. 

Reduce your cost and retain your employees longer by enhancing their proactive health care benefits


  • Most convenient method of massage therapy. 

  • Lasts 10-15 minutes with no oils or lotions; fully clothed


  • COMPANY SPONSORED = company pays 100%

  • CO-PAY = company and individual employee pay for their chair massage

  • EMPLOYEE SPONSORED = employees pay for their chair massage


Give us a call to schedule a chair massage event in your workplace. Your employees will be happier, healthier, and love you for it!

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